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Delhi has surfaced as one of the metropolitan cities of the country. Being the capital territory of India, Delhi comprises famous tourist spots such as Red Fort, Qutab Minor, Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid, India Gate, etc. For many years, it has cultivated young and intellectual minds like great politicians, entrepreneurs, etc. There are several central universities situated in Delhi, cultivating thousands of young minds that aspire to move abroad. PR Education understands the curiosity and dreams of international students in a fast-paced city like Delhi. We have emerged as the top visa consultants in Delhi. Delivering effective services to our clients is the foremost responsibility of our firm.  

Founded in 2015, PR Education has assisted international students with professional counseling, a simple admissions process, and trouble-free travel abroad services. We have matched our students with adaptable individuals who can assist them in developing in a challenging and competitive environment and provide every conceivable response. All students can find a solution at PR Education. We have led ourselves as the top study visa Consultants in Delhi. Besides, head office offshore in Delhi, we have operational offices in Sydney (headquarters), Karnal, Kurukshetra, Jalandhar, Gurdaspur, Kochi, and Coimbatore. As mentioned above, our branches have expanded across borders and cities. The hustle to move abroad is real. We, as visa consultants in Delhi, deal with tourist visas, business visas, work visas, visitor visas, student visas, dependent visas etc.

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What are the important documents for a Student Visa?

Besides this, we venture as an Australia visa consultants in Delhi. Students can determine the documents that will be needed. You can streamline your documents on time and process your application accordingly.

Remember that since the application is only accepted online, students must make sure they are prepared before beginning their online application by having scanned copies of each of the necessary documents available.

Academic Transcripts: Students planning to relocate overseas should acquire their academic and educational records. These records serve as prerequisites and demonstrate the students' level of study. It provides a thorough overview of the student who is moving overseas. Students need to submit their 10th and 12th classes for the bachelor's degree. Additionally, students can submit their bachelor transcripts, academic records from grades 10 and 12 for their master transcripts.

Passport: Students cannot apply for higher education or even go abroad without a passport. Throughout the process, they require their passport. The same is true of visa. They will need you to submit this document along with additional supporting paperwork.

PTE/IELTS: If students are relocating to an English-speaking nation, the visa authorities require them to demonstrate their ability in English (especially in countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia). Universities frequently require an English proficiency test as one of the requirements for admission. This rating is good for two years (IELTS and PTE). As a study visa consultants in Delhi, we also help students to prepare for English proficiency exams such as IELTS, PTE, etc.

Financial Documents: Students must present their financial documents to their university and the embassy prior to travelling overseas. Depending on the course type and level of study, the amount may vary. They must display the sponsorship agreements as well as the sponsors' identification.

Confirmation of Enrollment, Offer Letters, and Other Documents: You need to get an official letter beforehand. Then, you can apply for confirmation of enrollment, and e-COE will come. When applying for a visa, confirmation of enrollment, offer letters and other documents should be ready.

International health insurance: You must present evidence of your good health to be granted a student visa for Australia. You can do this by presenting a health certificate. Only doctors with the appropriate credentials may deliver the health examination and certificate. You can schedule a meeting for the same thing with the person who is nearest to you. In India, there are eMedical facilities available, and frequently, the records are updated right away. You would receive a HAP ID, which you would need to provide when filling out the form. Indian students are furthermore required to provide a chest X-Ray as proof that they are free of tuberculosis because India is regarded as a high-risk nation. OSHC’s copy should be attached along with the visa application.

Statement of Purpose: Students aspiring to move overseas need to submit a statement of purpose that includes crucial details such as marital status, reasons to move abroad, financial background, etc. Students need to submit SOP as a crucial document.

What are the other categories of Visas?

As a visa consultant in Delhi, we provide numerous services to our clients related to all types of visas. It depends on the purpose of the clients, and why the clients are moving abroad. We identify the purpose and help them document all the paperwork that can assist them to get visas quickly.

Tourist Visa: Are you bored of the routine life and intending to go on a vacation abroad? If you want to go for holidays and wish to do sightseeing, leisure activities, adventurous activities etc. in Australia. Then, you can apply for a tourist Visa. You can apply for your entire family and friends.

Business Visa: The visa is suitable for those who need to go abroad for business meetings, negotiations, business conferences, etc. We assist our clients in applying for business visas.

Work Visa: The work visa depends on the rules and regulations in the respective country. This type of visa facilitates clients to get a work visa after completing studies and other situations.

Visitor Visa: If you have a family member or a close friend living abroad, don’t worry! Apply for a visitor visa. We provide services to our clients and help them to get a quick documentation and visas.

Dependent Visa: In case, your spouse or a family member has received a chance to move abroad and you wish to accompany them. Then you can apply under this category. PR Education will help you to get to the destination you desire!

Trustworthy Australia Visa Consultants in Delhi

PR Education offers professional advice on visa issuance in Delhi with a staff of motivated, experienced, and dedicated visa professionals. We work hard to offer our valued clients in Delhi the most dependable help by staying current with the most recent innovations, practices, and documentation. We are also skilled at handling any issues or questions that our clients may have.

As a student visa consultants in Delhi, we have following roles and responsibilities:

To identify the requirements according to your profile evaluation.

To understand the purpose behind your travel and provide the best resources to you.

To provide effective and efficient consultancy to our clients.