Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Australia has surfaced as the top-most study destination for international students. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is famous for surfing, marsupials, and its warm climate.

There are innumerable numbers of Indian students who wish to study in Australia. Its quality of life has ranked at 2nd position after Norway according to the US news. It is one of the most preferred study destinations after the UK and the US.

It has facilitated many study opportunities and education for more than a million people in the past two years. To study in Australia for Indian students, the students need to understand the reasons behind to study in Australia.

Are you thinking of making your dream of studying in Australia a reality? Then you are lucky, we are Australian based and are experts when it comes to studies in Australia. We provide a huge opportunity for their plan of studying in Australia.

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Why Study in Australia?

Globally Recognized Degrees: There are top-most universities in Australia and they have been internationally accredited universities. RMIT, University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, Swinburne University, University of Tasmania, University of Western Australia, and others. These universities offer diverse courses to all the students belonging to the different fields such as Commerce, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Science, Medical and Non-Medical from level of Undergraduate to the level of Post-graduate.

Welfare of International students: Students dream to study in Australia as the Australian Government has worked diligently towards the betterment of international students. There have been multiple policies that were introduced to support the international students. The policies are as follows:

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS): It lays down a legal and systematic structure of delivering education to international students who have come to Australia on a student visa.

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS): CRICOS ensures that International students are given courses that meet standards for international students. Students need to register for courses that are CRICOS approved.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA): It is a national regulator for vocational and training. It supervises the quality of education provided through courses and trainers.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA): It aims to monitor the quality of higher education through various assessments.

National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007: It sets consistent nation-wide standards for international students.

Availability of scholarships: Indian students can apply for scholarships in Australia. They are available throughout every level of study - Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and research programs. There are several awards to support international students such as the Australian Awards (Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) and Endeavor Awards which are mainly offered by the Australian Government and others.

Diversity and Multiculturalism: The opportunity to study in Australia is considered among one of the life-changing decisions. Australia has invited students from all over the globe. International students and citizens enjoy multicultural and multi-lingual. Besides, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the contribution of net overseas migration to total population growth for the year ended 31 March, 2013 is 60 per cent.

Post-Study Work Visa: Students get diverse opportunities to work in Australia after the successful completion of their courses. They often get PSW of 2-3 years depending on the type of courses opted.

Pleasant Weather: Indian students often face the problem of climate change in western parts of the world. Many international students place weather as a major and prominent variable for studying and living. Students prefer to study in Australia because of its weather. Australia’s weather stays pleasant throughout the year. Due to good oceanic reach, there are cool breeze and adequate amount of warmth suitable for Indian students.

Vibrant Lifestyle: Australian universities are located all over the urban and rural settings. Students enjoy an outdoor and social life in Australia because of the warm and pleasant weather. It doesn’t matter where one stays, he/she can travel to numerous number of cities with attractive beaches, beautiful cultural museums, appealing national parks, and world’s best opera House!

Easy communication: The medium of language in Australia is English (lingua-franca), which helps international students to connect in a common language to domestic citizens. Therefore, students find beneficial to study in Australia. They do not need to learn any other foreign language in order to live there. Although their slang might take longer to master. But speaking English facilitates better and easy communication.

What to study in Australia: There are more than 22,000 courses across 1100 globally acclaimed institutes that are being offered to both domestic and international students. They have wider range of courses varying from Information Technology to Society and Culture and Social Sciences. Students can opt these courses on undergraduate, postgraduate, and research level.  Most of the public universities located in Australia are among highly recommended and renowned universities. These universities are famous for Natural Sciences, Engineering, IT, Social sciences and many more. International students can apply for diverse courses with easy application process.

Accommodations: International students can find various sources of living in Australia. Students intend to live in Hostels, Rentals, shared accommodations, On-campus Housing, Single Rentals, and others.

Cost of Studying: The tuition fees depend on the different factors. It will be based on from which country the international student is coming, the level of study, and the type of course, choice of institute (private or public), etc. For undergraduate courses, students are accountable to pay between 15000 AUD to 33000 AUD. For Masters, the students are needed to pay an annual fee between 22000 AUD to 37000 AUD. And for PhD course, the annual fee is can be between 14000 AUD to 37000 AUD. The course fee structure can vary with time, university, and availability of scholarships. International students who intend to apply for financial aid can have access to various scholarships. The universities, Australian Government and one’s government offer these scholarships to study in Australia.

Australian Student Visas: International students need to obtain a student visa which is Australian subclass 500 Student Visa to study in Australia. You will be able to stay for next five years if you enrolled in higher education at a higher education institute. It is crucial that students have made mandatory health insurance coverage during their stay in Australia. If there is any change in address, and other details of living, students need to notify the government. In case of failing to inform, students’ visas might be revoked. They will need to restart the application procedure.

Due to the causes mentioned above, the pathway to study in Australia for Indian students has become a successful attempt to build a career and foundation for a professional life.

What are the Best Courses to Study in Australia?

Agricultural Sciences: The agricultural sector is gaining much required importance in Australia; therefore, there are multiple courses available for students who wish to pursue BA or MA programs.

Earth Sciences: Australia is famous for its mines for uranium, natural gas, and coal. The country has a higher demand for geologists and geoscientists who can contribute in the successful progression of this field.

Nursing: Owing to the best medical services, Australia gives nursing courses at all levels. Nursing has been proven as the most demanding profession for international students.

Social sciences: Australia provides innumerable research opportunities to the students who intend to study courses in the field of psychology, sociology, history, English and many more.

Engineering and IT sector: Due to pandemic and other factors, IT sector has eventually obtained a greater prominence. Australia has become a home to several best universities which admit engineering students.

Health: The country understands the importance public health, community service, and food sciences.
Thus, there are a lot of courses in the respective niches.

Business, Commerce, and Management: MBA, BBA and specializations in the commerce background are among the most demanded courses of international students.

Best Universities in Australia?

University of Canberra: Situated in the capital of the country, Canberra, the university offers some of the best courses in pharmacy, commerce, and architecture.

University of Tasmania: The University is located in Tasmania. It is famous for engineering courses, commerce courses and many more.

University of Wollongong: The University has gained a good status in courses like Masters of Computer Science, MBA, and many more.

Swinburne University of Technology: Established in 1908, the university has specialization in technological courses. They offer some of the qualitative courses related to engineering, computer science courses, and others.

Federation University: The University is based in Victoria. It has programs like B.Sc., and many more.

Western Sydney University: The University has some of the best research programs along with other postgraduate courses in diverse fields.

Victoria University: VU is located in Melbourne, Victoria. It is among the top 2% universities in the world. It provides some of the best courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Griffith University: Situated in Brisbane, the university has some of the qualitative courses on healthcare, leadership and management, and physical education and many more.

Deakin University: The University was founded in 1974. Students can pursue courses in healthcare, real estate, nursing, IT and many more. 

What is the Eligibility to Study in Australia?

There are numerous degrees to study abroad in Australia for international students. The levels at which they are available are as follows:

Diploma: Candidate should have scored at least 60% in his 12th grade along with a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or PTE score of at least 42.

Bachelor’s: To pursue a bachelor’s from Australia, students should have at least scored 65% in his 12th class.

Master’s: In order to enroll for a Master’s, students need to have a 3 years bachelor’s in the required field. The percentage and eligibility depends on the type of the universities.

PhD: To enroll for higher education in Australia, students need to complete a 3 years of bachelor’s and 2 years of master’s or 4 years of bachelor’s.

Which English Proficiency Tests are Valid to Study in Australia? 

The English Proficiency Test is mandatory for study abroad application. Similarly to study abroad in Australia, students need to fulfill the minimum requirement for different courses across all levels. Also, to get admission in Higher education in Australia, the student can take any one of the proficiency exam:  

IELTS: An aspirant need to take test for International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The test consists of four sections – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The duration for the test is 2 hours 45 minutes.

PTE: Pearson Test of English (PTE) has duration for approximately three hours. It has three sections – Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening.

TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign Language is also three hours long. Students can give in any form – paper-based or computer-based.

CAE: The Cambridge English Advanced is recognized as one of the English proficiency exams in Australian universities. It is for 3 hours.

What are the Funding Options to Study in Australia?

The immigration authorities, university and government need to ensure that the international student has sufficient funds to support himself/herself in the time of stay in Australia. There are scholarships in Australia to finance the international students.

Self-funded and Family-funded: The international students should make sure that they have enough funds to pay their expenditure in Australia along with the tuition fees.

Government Loans: In case, the student is not able to arrange for the funds, students can search for multiple facilities provided by the home country government and banks in home country. They provide education loans with minimum interest rates and students get to repay the loans in a longer run.

Scholarships: There are massive numbers of scholarships in Australia. The government, universities and home country government provide students with scholarships that is enough to cover their tuition fees and expenses in Australia. The amount of funding can vary according to the different courses and universities.