Student Visa

Pursuing your education abroad is one of the bravest and life-altering decision in life. Leaving you home country for some exotic land is not only adventurous but also dangerous. One of the major securities for a student abroad is their visa. A student visa is an authorisation by the immigration authorities on your passport which states that you are allowed to enter into your preferred country and stay to study for a quantified period.This visa enables students to work from 15 to 20 hours per week part time (depends on your level of study) which helps them finance their studies on their own.

However, to acquire that, you need a tangible support system and PR Education volunteers to be that for you. The expert professionals here counsel you on how to go about the entire process and guide through every single step. We’ll not only become your informants regarding the requirements and conditions but also assist you in preparing all the relevant documents for your submission too. We make sure that the students leave their home country in peace with the assurance and security of visa in their hands. We help students obtaining visa for Canada, UK and Australia. We help them with the type of visa they require, when they should apply for a visa and how. However, in order to do that, there are certain requirements and eligibility criteria one needs to fulfil.

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What does it mean to have a student visa? In a nut shell, student visa is your ticket to travel and study abroad. The visa which is usually stamped on the passport permits you to legally enter a foreign country.

How should you apply for a Student Visa?

From apply abroad to obtaining a visa and finally landing in your desired country is a slow, tedious process that needs meticulous planning. Planning ahead of time while keeping the admission deadlines in mind is always advised for a smooth admission in a foreign country. Therefore, students are always recommended to apply few months in advance to avoid any hasty decision. Those seeking scholarships and education loans are advised to add another couple of extra months as the processing of these application takes time.


The prerequisites to obtain a student visa vary from country to country as each country requires a specific list of documents depending on their Immigration Laws. Nonetheless, there are certain generic documents that are mandatory everywhere.

1) Valid Passport

This is the most vital document that permits you to travel anywhere abroad. Although you need a passport everywhere you travel abroad, the validity of passport may vary country to country. Where some countries require to have a validity until the ned of the course even at the time you apply for the student visa, some might request you to have a passport validity that extends beyond your intended stay in a country. The point to keep in mind is that, in case you have any expired passports, you are required to submit their copies as well.

2) Proof of a Bonafide Student

The proof of being a bonafide student is essential not matter which country you apply to.This can be proven by producing a confirmation of admission from an educational institute of that particular country.

3) Financial Stability

This is one of the most important factors in obtaining student visa as if makes sure that you are not only capable of taking care of tuition and college expenses but also eligible enough to afford the stay in the country.

4) Language Proficiency

Communication becomes one of the hindrances while travelling a foreign country. As English is a universal language, every country requires a proof that you are skilled in verbal and written English which is tested through English Proficiency Tests like IELTS and PTE.

There are several other requirements that depends upon different countries and this is where PR Education comes in. We provide all the necessary information regarding student visa to students who wish to study in Canada, Australia and UK. We help students evaluate their application, counsel them according to their preferred courses from their preferred country, help them prepare for all necessary documents and also guide them through IELTS and PTE.