The opportunity to immigrate to a new country can be overwhelming and life-changing. With the challenges, it brings endless chances to create their lifestyle. PR Education Solution is a noteworthy immigration consultants in Kochi, Kerala. It has branches in all-over India and head office in Sydney, Australia. The agency is MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) certified and authentic to provide services to our clients.

Kochi is known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. It is mostly identified as a port city of India. The city has a remarkable history, and the diverse communities and old-world elegance of the people who once resided there can still be seen in Kochi's streets. It is also one of India's burgeoning cosmopolitan cities, complete with skyscrapers, movie theatres, retail malls, and a hive of activity.

Our experts have successfully provided guidance for Australian visas, Australian PR, and travelling to more than thousands of clients. The expert counseling and point-to-point guidance helps our clients to reach their futuristic goals efficiently. The immigration consultants in Kerala provides various services which help one to study abroad, immigrate, and travel abroad. The processes to file and further apply for visa can be lengthy and can be difficult to keep a track on. Bringing Kochi as the best metropolitan city, the city wields aspirants who intend to fulfill the dream to move abroad and attain their futuristic goals.

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Role of Immigration Consultants in Kochi

PR Education Solution is one of the leading immigration consultants in Kochi; we provide services from student visa to permanent residence to our clients. Following are the sectors in which we provide services:

Travel: The clients who intend to travel abroad and want a hassle-free procedure can avail the services of collecting the documents, short listing the relevant documents, and etc. PR Education Solution has surfaced the best Immigration consultants in Kerala which can help one to even travel abroad for whatever time. The immigration consultant also helps you to identify the type of visa one needs to apply for. 

Education: The immigration consultant also assists students to avail student visa (at the later stages) and provide end-to-end services related to profile evaluation, admission process and extension of the visas. 

Migration: The clients require knowledge related to official documentation regarding their profile such as the points related to their age, skills, degree, and qualification, work experience. For example: Australia grants 20 points to the person qualifying a doctorate degree whereas extra points are given to those who live in the regional areas. The immigration consultant helps clients to evaluate their profile with respect to their details and past records.


DOCUMENTATION: The immigration consultant provides a tussle-free and transparent which has resulted in its dependability and accountability. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our clients about our business practices. Few people make an effort to be transparent. We really think that open communication strengthens relationships.

IELTS PREPARATION: Most of the candidates want to move abroad where English is a common language in order to work, study, or immigrate. The immigrant needs to clear IELTS test in order to enter the English-speaking nations. IELTS serves as a pathway for foreign nationals who relocate to a new country. PR Education will help you pass the IELTS as well as achieve a higher score.

PROFILE EVALUTION: The immigration procedure starts right here. As soon as a client signs up with us, we begin to identify them with our help and service. Our team of experts will carefully examine their profile and provide an explicit report outlining the stream that corresponds with it.

PERSONAL COUNSELLING: Clients including students are given proper guidance for their future. Personalized profiling, relevant courses, funds requirements and futuristic prospects are some of the factors which are prominent in choosing their career. Counselors study students' profile in-depth and give suggestions accordingly.

VISA SERVICES: PR Education Solution provides best visa consultant in Kochi. There are many kinds of visas for international students, immigrants and others which facilitate the aspirants to move abroad. For instance: Student Visa (subclass 500) is for the students who are registered with an Australian university  and students can stay up to 5 years whereas if an individual is applying for temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482), then, he/she can stay for up to 2 years depending upon the type of profession.

The opportunities in the global exposures are infinite, PR as the best immigration consultant in Kerala, would help you to process your application with accuracy and transparency. The immigration process varies with the type of countries one intends to move. By understanding the applicant's intent, profile status, and pertinent immigration eligibility, we will help the immigration process easy and quick. We give assistance on work visas, student visas, temporary visas, permanent residence, and visiting visas for immigrants who want to settle in Australia. We are one of the best immigration consultants in Kochi, Kerala. Our networks to assist our clients expand across the boundaries to all the regions of India.