Cookery Courses in Australia

Why Pursue Cookery Courses in Australia?

Do you have an appetite for great food? Do you think about alterations, additions, and experiments with food? Do you get multiple ideas regarding a single cuisine? If you are a foodie and an experimenter who only knows the combinations of various cuisines, then you are on the right spot! The international students look for countries that offer qualitative training in return for an affordable course fee.

Australia has fulfilled the criteria for international students in all aspects. There are multiple cookery courses in Australia. Studying a commercial cookery course in Australia brings out different dimensions for students who wish to progress in their culinary careers.

The growing industry is evidence of widespread employment in this sector. Most students who want to gain international experience, expand their knowledge, and work as creative chefs can pursue certificate courses and diplomas in the field. 

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What are the best Commercial Cookery Courses in Australia?

There are some pre-eminent skills that the candidates will learn when they embark on their journey in this field. Apart from cookery and management skills, the cookery courses in Australia for international students will sharpen the following additional skills:

Attention to Details: The chefs need to pay attention to the minutest of the details in the kitchen while preparing cuisines. The roles and responsibilities of a chef in the kitchen are related to careful monitoring of the activities of heat control, measuring, portion sizing, precision and presentation, etc.

Business sense: The chefs should be conscious of the business outlook i.e., they should think about the dynamic market forces, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. The candidates are administrative, budgeting, business acumen, conceptual thinking, control labor costs, customer service, food pricing, food safety food regulations, food science, food service, inventory management, inventory rotation, kitchen management, local foods, ordering.

Cleanliness: The most crucial space in the restaurant is the kitchen. It has become mandatory for the employees, chefs, and other team members to keep the space clean and tidy. They should be able to practice health and safety measures, Hygiene, and sanitary practices. Australia provides qualitative education as it is home to many reliable schools and institutions where you are provided the opportunity to study for diplomas, certificates, and degrees in hospitality, pastry cookery, and commercial cookery.

Commercial Cookery Course Fees in Australia

Every university and college in Australia has a different course fee structure, which may vary according to various factors. The commercial cookery course fees in Australia commences from 8000 AUD to 15000 AUD per annum. International students can pursue the course at any level, it can be at bachelor’s level or diploma level or certified course. The remuneration for the professional can go up to 90,000 AUD. Following is some of the Australian institutes that have certified courses:   

William Angliss Institute

With Certificate III, offered by this recognized college, you can build a strong foundation in hospitality and get ready to work in management positions that range from business operations to service quality. Getting engaged in well-known events like the Melbourne food and wine festival and the spring racing carnival is possible with a William Angliss education.

Le Cordon Bleu

It is well known that this particular institute teaches French cuisine. Le Cordon Bleus has been around for 125 years and has over 35 schools in 20 different countries. Le Cordon Bleu is the school for you if you're interested in a profession as a pastry chef or chef.

ICHM (International College of Hotel Management)

This university in Adelaide provides a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) degree that will give you a fundamental understanding of business management as well as a general understanding of the tourism and hospitality industries. The course at ICHM consists of a combined six-month study and six-month work component in Australia or potentially abroad. Employees, chefs, and others in the culinary sector must make a living to maintain their teammates' need to stay updated on the dynamic environment, new dishes, new cuisines, and other factors.

What are the Benefits of Doing a Cookery Course in Australia?

The cookery courses in Australia lends international students in the pool of vast opportunities across borders. The Following are the benefits of getting accepted into a culinary arts course in Australia:

Growing market: Australia has a boundless market with indefinite opportunities for everyone. The lifestyle welcomes different cuisines from all over the globe. Thus, they gain from working in a field that is expanding quickly and undergoing constant innovation. The hotel sector is predicted to expand significantly as a result of rising demand, a culinary culture that is in vogue, and population growth. The field requires individuals with initiative, a commitment to excellence, and a clear sense of their future goals.

Importance of creativity: The menu and meal presentation are both designed with the help of the chefs. In order to create a menu that appeals to customers while still making sound business sense, one must have a keen eye for design.

Pathway to PR: Since chef is on the skilled occupation lists of states including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, and NT, it is possible that a career in cooking might lead to PR in Australia. This is why getting a degree, certificate, or further education can help you get permanent residency in Australia. While pastry cooks are featured on the STSOL, the Short-Term Skilled Occupational Demand List, chefs are classified on the MLTSSL, the Medium- and Long-term Strategic Skills List.

Certificates in Culinary Course

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

Certificate III in Patisserie

Certificate IV in Patisserie

Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations)

Diploma of Hospitality

Associate Degree of Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality


Possess a valid passport

Offer letter from nominated college/university

IELTS score of 5.5 (no score below 5.0 in each skill) or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) score of 46 (no score less than 40)

Proof of access to adequate funds

Evidence of overseas student health insurance

Present relevant documents as required by the department of Immigration and border protection

Job Prospects

The cookery courses in Australia for international students enhances the prospects for the following professions:


Conference center manager

Event manager

Fast food restaurant manager

Hotel manager

Public house manager

Restaurant manager

Accommodation manager

Catering manager