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Latest migration changes 2021


Migration Program Levels For the 2020-21 programme year, the migration level will remain at 160,000 participants. Although the quota has not changed, the distribution of the quota has. The family stream will rise from 47,732 to 77,300 seats. Employer-Sponsored, Foreign Expertise, Business Creativity, and Investment Scheme visas will be given priority to ensure that Australia hires talented people to assist with the economic recovery. Applicants for onshore visas and collaborator visas in geographic areas will also be given preference. This is to allow people to migrate to Australia's regional areas. Business, Investment and Innovation Program The relocation policy for 2020-21 [...]

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408 Visa expands to multiple areas


Agriculture, child care, disability care, food processing and health care sectors Changes have been introduced on who can be given a Subclass 408 - Temporary Operation visa under the Australian Government Endorsed Case, otherwise known as the COVID-19 Pandemic event, as the job of suppressing the coronavirus pandemic proceeds with limited international boundary movements, to insure vital industries that depend on temporary staff are not affected. The amending instrument, which went into effect yesterday and will refer to all pending applicants, adds those who cannot fulfill the criteria for any other substantive visa but are working, or have an [...]

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